Hi my name is Hope. I am 19. Born April 20th. I am a girl. I am attending Penn State :D | " I know that everyone's body is different, you will not necessarily look like the girls on this blog. The Idea is to be healthy!" | Ask me for my personal tumblr or any of my other ones. I started this blog on 5/20/11. Read my FAQ. I've been a VEGETARIAN Since 3/31/12. Also I'm not pro ED but I am having issues with Binge eating at the moment. (Over 1 Month, Binge Free! last updated 9/3)
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  • Got some new books to read! Thanks Destiny :) | #numbers #thechaos #rachelward #laurenoliver #delirium #pandemonium #books #nerd

    1. robyn-therobin said: If you love Divergent, you will enjoy Delirium! It’s my 2nd favorite series
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