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  • My first time drinking #almond #milk. It was okay. Since its #chocolate I feel like I’m drinking a liquid chocolate with almonds. #purealmond #silk #healthy #milk #darkchocolate (Taken with Instagram)

    1. annekasworld said: almond milk is SO amazing. Only milk I ever drink. Vegan ftw.
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    3. yeonsil-song said: omg I loveeee dark chocolate almond milk <3
    4. deadliftdolly said: Yum!
    5. alyssamareeeee said: I find it easier to make my own. Not being thingy but its more natural and man it’s sweet.
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      actually not as healthy as it seems. sugar 22g= 22g x 4kcal= 88kcal. second ingredient on the ingredient list is cane...
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    8. unstablemabel said: I’m a fan of almond milk too, but if protein is a concern for you (I don’t know if it is or not), you might want to check out soy milk instead :) Just a suggestion, but almond milk is great too :)
    9. nothingbut-skinandbones said: I love it so much!!
    10. 3x--n3ll0 said: That stuff is the best!
    11. from-ash-to-iron said: I’m having almond milk right now too in a smoothie!! ♥
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